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"I performed all of my basic science training in Aruba through Xavier University School of Medicine. I completed my Internal Medicine residency program in 2011 at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in Ann Arbor, MI, and became board certified in Internal Medicine. Finally, I completed my training as a Chief Resident of Internal Medicine at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital in 2012.

I made my move to Texas in 2015 where I continued to served as a medical director in various venues such as: Nursing Homes, Hospice Facilities and CryoFit Facilities. Yet aside from medicine practice, I have developed a strong passion for fitness; Exercise, sports, nutrition and supplemental education. In the fitness industry,supplements are not frequently discussed in the medical office due to FDA regulated, therefore they are not rigorously incorporated into medical trainings.

My goal is to compliment my fitness passion and knowledge with my medical training and practice expertice to help you stay healthy, detect and prevent organ damage from supplemental use and guide you into a healthy lifestyle.

I look forward to meeting you and forming a lasting relationship with the convenience and attention that only concierge medicine can offer."


About us

Who is Dr. Khris Ramdeen?

Who is Dr. Khris Ramdeen?
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